In the year 2160, humanity was faced with extinction. No one on Earth was sure exactly when it all began. The few scattered survivors were unable to piece it completely together.

The zombie apocalypse had actually happened. Who knew!! Zombies had taken over all but a few scattered pockets of humanity.

Somehow those battered survivors managed to gather together and commandeer the remaining spaceships and escape. With limited fuel and supplies they flew off into unchartered space to find a new home. Hopelessly lost they came across a red planet that looked hospitable from space. Landing they discovered a vast, untamed planet teeming with life and deadly monsters. They banded together to face the unknown and create a new home.

Led by strong individuals they tamed the land and battled the monsters away from their settlements. As the people settled into their new lives they decided their new home needed a name. Upon much thought they agreed on Varamexia.

Bringing their old Earth holidays, traditions and customs, they also created new ones that are unique to this strange land.

Peace settled across the lands. Albeit an uneasy one, with occasional zombie outbreaks, mysterious islands that appear throughout the year, and behemoth monsters that need able bodied fighters of great strength and heart to battle them.

While all of this is going on the craft masters, smiths and many other people of varying talent are busy preparing and keeping their fighters fed and armoured.

Can you handle being a survivor? Can you face deadly beasts? Starting with little and working your way up to the top?

Join us on Varamexia…..IF YOU DARE!!